Trail Mix

Be creative! You could add pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, or any nut. If you add raisins or a sweet dried fruit, you could add some cacao nibs. Ideas almonds raisins and cranberries sunflower seeds cacao nibs Macadamia nuts Dried fruit Flaked coconuts Cacao nibs pecans pumpkin seeds cranberries cacao nibs Create your own!

Snack Ideas from Leanne Ely ideas handful of nuts almond butter and celery hard boiled eggs avocado-can put salsa in it or saur kraut chia seed pudding-1/4 cups chia seeds and 1 c. almond milk. shake it up. coffee drink-bullet proof coffee, 1 T. unsalted Kerry gold butter, and 1 T. MCT coconut oil-blend and drink

Sesame Crackers

*This recipe was from the book, Glutenology Ingredients 3 c. blanched almond flour 1/ ½ tsp of salt 1 c. sesame seeds 2 T of nut or avocado oil 2 lg eggs-could try chia or flax in place of egg (1 egg=1T of flax or chia seeds and 3 T water) Preheat the oven to … More Sesame Crackers