This is How I Eat Every Day

How do I eat? I have been doing a paleo diet for a few months now and have more energy.

I start my day with 4 cups of reverse osmosis water with the juice from half of a lemon. You can get a 5 gallon container and fill it with RO water from Pick NSave if you cannot afford to rent it. I pay 55.00 a month for RO water that comes from my kitchen faucet.

As soon as I can I will eat eggs again(4 months) and make omelettes with veggies and ghee or coconut oil.

I try and change it up as far as what I eat for breakfast. Sometimes I have a smoothie and other times I eat fruit alone because then it digests better. It is called food combining. Later, I eat a burger that I pulled out of freezer with some cooked or raw veggies. Another breakfast I love is plain coconut kefir I get from Slow pokes in Grafton, putting berries , some nuts, and some sweet leaf stevia if I need more sweetness. Another option is a can of coconut milk , with avocado, stevia, and top with fruit and some nuts. It is ok to have supper for breakfast. You should try and have 8 cups of veggies a day. You can make grain free pancakes and put some berries on top. If I need more fat, then I eat 2 T of coconut oil or I will have avocado with saur kraut. Anything is game but make sure you get plenty of good fat and protein which will keep your blood sugar more even and fuller longer. If you are hungry in 2 hours, then you did not eat enough.

I know I eat way too many nuts and I am working on that. I have learned that if I eat too many nuts then because of the phytates I will not absorb calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron as well. Also, the same thing goes if you eat grains and legumes(beans). If you soak your nuts for several hours, then you can get rid of the enzyme inhibitor and then you will absorp minerals better and it will help digest the nuts better. If you do eat them, eat them in moderation.

I always take water, nuts, or some fruit with me in case I need something. You could make some hummus that is bean free and dip veggies in it. It is a good idea to rotate the nuts so you get diffferent nutrients from them and dont become sensitive to that nut. A beef stick is a good snack.

Lunch is normally a big salad with some kind of quality meat on it like chicken breast, turkey, or left over roast. If your digestion is not the greatest, then don’t put as many things on your salad because you body has to work a lot harder to break it down. It is faster to just have apple cider vinegar and olive oil on my salad. There are tons of easy dressings you can make.

For a snack I might have a handful of nuts or put some almond butter on a cut up apple. Or make a smoothie with a green in it, with some kind of fat, and some fruit. Sometimes I put some protein powder in smoothie. You can always snack on veggies you like and make different dips. The macademia nut dip is really easy. Just be careful with how many nuts you have in a day.

I generally don’t have meat for supper as it takes a long time to digest and our supper should be lighter. I usually have baked veggies and or some soup. The bone broth is so good for you and very healing. I try to eat closer to 6 or 7 so I don’t feel like I have to snack. Try not to eat past 7 pm. You will sleep better and lose weight if you are eating more paleo.

If I do need something I might eat some apple sauce, broth, or a spoon ful of almond butter. I know some people drink coconut milk. It is easy to make.


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