The Leaky Gut Conundrum

The Leaky Gut Conundrum

By Dr. Peter Osborne

Leaky gut can be one of the most challenging problems for those with gluten sensitivity.  Primarily because the extensive damage caused by years of gluten exposure leaves this vital system in disarray.  Gluten…

  • Disrupts the gut barrier
  • Alters healthy gut bacteria
  • Causes GI inflammation
  • Causes digestive distress
  • Leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and Mal-absorption

On top of that, the other properties of gluten and grain in general can also cause GI damage and inflammation.  Examples include:

  • Heavy GMO pesticides used in grain production
  • Heavy level of mycotoxins found in grain.  Heavy levels of mold found in grain.
  • Large quantity of oxylates that block mineral absorption
  • Chemicals called ATI’s that hinder digestive enzyme release from the pancreas.

All of these factors contribute to delayed healing and persistent problems with food allergies, infections, and digestion. This big cycle is one of the most frustrating catch 22’s  in healing.

To heal we need a healthy gut to receive nourishment, but because the gut is broken, we cannot get at the nourishment necessary to heal.

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