Awesome Sites and Books to Check Out


You will learn a lot on which is Dr. Peter Osborne.

His youtube about statin and blood pressure drugs is a must see if you are on them. You can get off of them if you change your life style. They cause you to be vitamin deficient, which can lead to disease and in the long run does not help your heart. I was shocked when I learned what these drugs do to you over a period of time. The videos are only 5-8 minutes long. is awesome, as she attacks the big food corporations, changing what they put in our food. Plus she has great recipes and articles. also has great recipes and information to learn from.


Wheatbelly by Wiliam Davis is a good book to educate you on why wheat is causing so many problems. He has tons of people that he helped once they went of gluten. It is all in the book.

The first book I read when I found out I had a problem with gluten was Healthier without Wheat by Stephen Wangen. A great book that answers a lot of questions and many testimonials in it.

It Starts With Food is an excellent book to explain the reasons why you should eat whole foods and what will happen to you when you do. It is by Melissa Hartwig. I am reading it now.

There is more but I do not want to give you too much. Educate yourself so you make great choices for you and your family. You cannot count on anyone else to do this for you. Conventional doctors do not have much training at all in nutrition. Drugs cause side effects and you will become deficient in important vitamins which will cause other problems.


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