3-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes

If you cannot afford a vitamix then get a nutra bulletn(under 100 dollars).

Experiment and find out what is the right portion for your taste. Can even add more ingredients and make it your own.

  • apple, ginger and spinach
  • mango, chia seeds, and coconut milk
  • banana, kale, coconut water(raw water has lots of nutrients)
  • strawberries, yogurt or kefir (love Slow pokes thick kefir that is in Grafton), coconut oil
  • banana, peanut butter, cacao powder(raw cacao has tons of nutrients)
  • orange, bell pepper, and coconut oil
  • pineapple, kale, and yogurt/kefir-I add some sweet leaf stevia if needs more sweet
  • blueberries, almond butter, and almond milk

Almond milk- I cheat and put a few T of almond butter with one cup of water and some vanilla. The almond mild at the store is not that good for you. It has very few almonds and the carrageenan can cause cancer.


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